I am *so* fucking tired, but I have so much to do.  I’m doing deals with myself now, to figure out how much I can put off until morning if I go to bed NOW and get up really early…


somewhere in LA Cooper is weeping in joy

If anything (else) major is going to happen, can it be today please?



an ambitious young girl who has worked her ass off to fulfill her dream, and was rewarded

if there’s literally a single objection you have to this just fuck off and stop pretending to care about women forever

This - and don’t give me any of that “Rachel doesn’t want to do the work” nonsense, because we have seen her work toward this from the first episode and it’s been said over and over how she’s been preparing for it since practically birth. 

We’ve seen her practicing her singing when she’s alone.

We’ve seen her practicing her dancing outside of glee club.

We have seen how she’s arranged her morning and evening rituals around her goals and preparing herself for them.

We’ve heard stories about and seen flashbacks to her time in classes and competitions when she was a little girl.

We’ve heard her talk about this show specifically as her dream for years. 

And I have no end of impatience for those who refuse to see this for what it is. Rachel isn’t perfect, but she has endless amounts of drive and determination, and she has always, always worked hard in pursuit of her dreams.

who sings 'all of me' →




Blaine Anderson

And it’s in 5x20.

love your curves and all your edges
all your perfect imperfections